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‘65-‘79 Rearend Rebuild Service

We will professionally rebuild your Rearend to


Parts Included:

(1) Front Pinion Bearing

(1) Front Pinion Rave

(1) Rear Pinion Bearing

(1) Rear Bearing Spaces

(1) Pinion Bearing Spacer

(1) Pinion Shaft Seal

(1) Pinion Lock Nut

(2) Side Carrier Bearings

(2) Side Carrier Races

(2) Side Axle Seals

(2) Side Axle Clips

(1) Positraction Clutch Kit

(1) Cover Gasket

(1) Cover Vent

(8) Rearend Cover Bolt

(10) Ring Gear Bolts

(2) Bottles of Positrac Oil [46oz.]

(2) Bottles of Positrac Additive [8oz.]

Labor Included:

Rebuild Rearend

Clean & Inspect All Gears & Parts

Set Up Bearings & Torque Pinion

Preload to GM Specs

Clean and Detail Case

Set Up Positraction Clutch Kit

Set Up Ring & Pinion Pattern to Remove Rearend Noise

Torque Side Carrier Bearing Caps To GM Specs

Different Gear Ratios Available

FREE Custom-Built Shipping Boxes


To See The Rebuild Process In Action!


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